CookieJar Productions

CookieJar Productions is owned by me (Ricky mason). Basically im going to upload videos as often as i can for you to watch! Hope you enjoy :D

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Ok so ive bin blogging for a few days now, and frankely i think its pretty cool. Ive got loadsa videos made so ill update them over the next few weeks. Im still in the process of redesigning the site but if you would be kind enough to donate you'd be a complete legend!

Thanks Rick

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

CookieJar Productions with

So today me and my cousin Ian created a video blog collaboration between 'CookieJar Productions' and 'The 05 Project' check it out-

Click the image above for the video.

The Shot

OK so this is the first video of my blog and basically it was this legendary fluke shot i made whilst playing basketball over the park.

Click the image above for the video.